The Minds of Murderers

The Sons of Ra


We Are The Minds of Murderers & The Sons of Ra. We All Work Together As A Team To Get Objective Done, Make Friends, & To Be The Best Clan We Can Be. This is A Clan That Brings Player From All Over The World Together For The Purpose To Improve Their Skills & Make Them Better Players. Getting Missions Done Together With Efficient Communication is What We Stand For. We Do This Because We Care & Want To Make Everyone A Better Player. - All Are Welcome To The Minds of Murderers / The Sons of Ra.


  1. Please Remember After You Join, & You Are Added to The PlayStation MessageBoard to Send A Friend Request To Everyone There, So You Could Know When Fellow Clan Members Are Online.

  2. After Other Clan Members Have Accepted Your Request, Please Send People A Real Name Request. I Mostly Call Everyone By Their Real Name & Also It’s Great When You Can See Other Members Clan Photo. (Clan Photos Details Down Below #5)

  3. Please Find The Clan Message Board On Facebook So You Can Get All Other Post I Make On That Message Board. Plus, Sometimes PSN Don’t Always Work So Yeah There’s That. Here is The Link To The Facebook Message Board (If You Don’t Have Facebook Then It’s Ok)

  4. Name To Search On Facebook is The Minds of Murderers / The Sons of Ra 

  5. Last Thing Please Send Me Any Photo You Wish (Real Photo/Avatar/Anything) [Photos Can be Sent Via Text, PlayStation App, or Facebook Message], This Photo Would Be Used as Your Clan Photo, After I Send You Back Your New Clan Photo. Set It as Your PlayStation Profile Pic, By Using The PlayStation App. This is A Must in This Clan.


  1. This might be the most important rule of them all, help anyone if they need it; even if you already completed the same mission the clan member needs help on.

  2. Please When Some Post Something on The Messageboard & Your Online Playing Destiny PLEASE Reply To The Messageboard. We Are All Here To Help Each Other.

  3. When your getting online to play Destiny please review the messageboard.

  4. If you happen to post a message on the message board, please only post it the MAXIMUM of TWO TIMES we don’t need to see you need help with something 1000 times.

  5. If you have an issue with someone or something please go to one of your secondary clan leaders they can either A) help with your problem or B) talk to (King) with your issue and try to solve it. 

  6. Try to make it the clan meeting which takes place @ 7pm eastern (IF NEEDED). If you can’t make it someone on the clan will go over what the meeting was about. 

  7. If (King) send you a chat party you should always try to make it into his party or send him a message that you can’t make it for some reason.