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People call me different names King & Phenomenal, I’m a Destiny raid sherpa. I believe everyone has every right to try to get that end game loot and I’m the guy who’s here to help you get it. I main PlayStation but I do now also support Xbox and PC as well. I have always been a Destiny sherpa since the days or Crota from Destiny 1, I wasn't streaming back then but started to stream when Bungie released the last DLC for Destiny 1 called Rise of Iron. I'm a pretty straight forward guy so stop by the stream get a raid done with me or hey you might catch me playing some Fortnite and sucking it up there but I enjoy playing the game for fun. Stop by, say hello let's game together see you there.

Favorite Games
  • Destiny Series

  • Mario Series

  • Sonic Series

  • WWE Series

  • God of War Series

  • Devil May Cry Series

  • The Darkness

  • Need For Speed Series

  • Burnout Series

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