Hiyeee… Im Reesy, or Theresa, or T, or whatever you wanna call me Im SUPER easy going and LOVE to just have fun, be silly and not take things to seriously. I have been playing games since that little white ball made me dizzy bouncing back and forth and when I may have died a few times from dysentery. I switched from PC over to PlayStation when the PS1 came out and continue to play PS but built a new PC in March 2019 and have switched back more full time to PC. Mass Effect is my absolute favorite series. I have collectibles at home, in my office, on my car and even on my body (tattoos). I enjoy playing pretty much anything, but RPGs like Mass Effect, the Witcher, Red Dead are where my heart is. I also enjoy survival and FPS games. I am a mom and work full time, so you can catch my streams most every weekend and around 5-6pm PST a couple times during the week. Oh and YES Reeses are my fav candy


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